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Roof Repair Kitchener Waterloo

First and foremost if you notice you have a roof leak and you're not experienced with diagnosing roof leaks call a roofing professional. Here at YOUR ROOF SPECIALIST we specialize in diagnosing leaks and stopping the leaks dead in their tracks! With an impeccable track record over the last decade servicing the Kitchener Waterloo area.

We will keep this short and sweet. When your roof is leaking and you notice a water stain or pooling water in your ceiling one method we like to refer to is poking a small hole in the area that exhibits the greatest amount of water coming from the roof leak. What this does is add an exit point for the water to stop it from further pooling and spreading to other areas of the ceiling. In most cases its a fairly cheap fix if the water damage isn't too extensive of if you've caught it early enough.

A leaking roof is not something that should be put off. The damages can pile up very quick off of just a tiny minor leak.

That being said, when a roof leak is caught early enough it can generally be a cheap fix if you hire an experienced professional. We service big and small roof repairs in the Kitchener Waterloo Region.

Roof Leak in KW
Roof Leak


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